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New Work: Facebook Ad Preferences

I worked with the Facebook Ad team to create a few fully animated sequences as part of an explainer video. The goal was to clearly outline policies surrounding what ads users are shown and how they can control what they see on Facebook. The project included an early phase of establishing a simple and approachable style, full storyboarding, all the way through illustrating assets and creating finished motion sequences. I was able to collaborate with talented motion designer, David Stanfield, who did exactly what you'd hope. Took the work I did and really brought it to life and made it better. Thanks to David for joining me on this one and thanks for the Facebook Ads team for bringing us on board.

Style study of different types of objects and subjects

Style study of different types of objects and subjects

Fully illustrated storyboard sequence with animation direction.

Another part of the project was to produce static illustrations that could live on the final About Ads section of the Facebook site (both desktop and mobile).

Producers: Francisco Franco, Sarah Epps, Jane Francis
Art Director: Matt Carlson
Director / Cinematographer: Rico Andrade
On camera / VO Talent: Jake Brill
Animation: David Stanfield

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