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Junk Drawer: Launched!

I've been working on this series for a while now so I'm excited to announce these are finally available as prints in my store. The concept behind my Junk Drawer series is to to take some of my favorite characters from pop culture and create a space full of items that tell their story (you have a junk drawer at home, right?). Every object in these are meant to reference something about these characters. These are printed by the good people of the Half and Half. They are 6 or 7 color prints and are produced in a series of 50 each. Each is signed and numbered.  I've included a handy list below to see everything that I've included. You can grab one of your own here!

WHITE'S SPACE: Pink teddy bear eyeball, Ricin tube, bike lock, free car wash pen, extra cell phone, fly, bloody plate fragment, box cutter, Pros/Cons list, Lily of the Valley, hospital bill past due notice, snub nose, Aztek keys, Lazer Base token, Rooftop Pizza coupon, lottery ticket (coordinates), razor, pest control card, Saul matchbook, craft beer sticker, broken glasses, Motel keys, hospital bracelet. 

THE DARK NIGHTSTAND: Spin-Eeze ointment for sore backs, Mother's pearls, throat lozenges, Gordon's business card, Fancy Feline Magazine, Field guide to bats, Kryptonite in container, two bullets, Question mark paper clip, two ticket stubs, bell to call Alfred, Coin half in shadow, Ivy, anti-psychotic drugs from Dr. Strange, Joker card, Shades of black paint swatch, crocodile tooth, to do list.

PAGING MR. HERMAN: Souped up bike horn (exhibit C), giant thumb, Dottie's bumper sticker, giant fork, Madam Ruby's biz card, white shoe polish, X-ray specs, rejected offer from Francis Buxton, trick gum (spearmint or fruit?), postcard from Simone, broken chain links, fortune card, biker badge, Tequila, bow tie, Speck's dog tag, Mr. T cereal

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